About Us

Why Cat Cowls?

Well, mostly so that you can embarrass your cat on the internet. Some cats actually like wearing them, maybe your cat will be one of them. 

How about the Cowls themselves?

All products are hand knit with vegan yarn and supplies in a vegan home. Cowls are knitted in my home, which is also the home of my cat. For some reason, if you're allergic to cats, or ordering for a dog/personal who is allergic to cats, please know I cannot make these cowls cat-dander-free.

About Sybil


Hi, I'm Sybil.

Dania found me on Instagram because someone didn't want me, which neither of us can figure out, because I'm pretty perfect.

I am all white, save for a little grey spot at the end of my tail, my 3/4 black nose, and my perfect eyebrows. I have heterochromia, which means that I have two different colored eyes. I am also blind in the blue one. Apparently this makes me hilarious to watch, because I am pretty clumsy and have poor depth perception.

I'm spoiled rotten and I'm scared of my own reflection/shadow. 


About Dania

Hi. I'm Dania, Sybil's mom. 

I work, knit, relax with my kitty cat, go out with friends, find amazing things vintage hunting, and have a green thumb. I have a connective tissue disease that makes me a pretty boring person, but I think it gives me character. I work in the tech industry and like it a lot. I play cribbage and collect clocks.