1. Because the primary purpose of my site is to create cowls for cats, please understand that these are made in a home that has a cat. What this means is that should you want a cowl/hat just for your human self, that you should probably not order one from me if you are allergic to cats. It would be virtually impossible to craft your cowl/hat completely outside of my home to ensure that there wouldn't be any dander, cat hairs, or any other cat like debris. 

2. I have carpal tunnel and life long arthritis. With that being said, if there are small inconsistencies or mistakes, please give me grace. It's likely that I won't let a huge, awful mistake leave my home and make its way onto your cat, but it *is* possible that a stitch is too loose or may have gotten twisted. I also provide discounts for obvious mistakes. 

3. I don't sell my patterns.

4. If your cat shreds the cowl or hates it for whatever reason, I cannot accept a return. I would hope that you know how your cat feels about "clothes" prior to making your purchase. 

5. If your cat has active FLEAS I cannot accept a return. The reasons should be pretty obvious. PLEASE be honest about this. I don't want to bring fleas into my home, onto my cat, and onto other orders. I sell cowls, not fleas.